Borobudur Rafting Adventure (3 Hours)

Borobudur Rafting Adventure

Borobudur Rafting Adventure

Borobudur Rafting Adventure (3 Hours)
Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid 1970s.

There are three temples in Borobudur. Mendut is the first. Pawon is second and main temple is Borobudur. The location of these three temples is in stright row separated by two rivers, symbolizing a holy river in India where the holy rivers also can be found there. So, many centuries ago, Indonesian have visited Indian or may be India visited Indonesia. This is the reason why Borobudur built in central Java. Separated by two rivers, and surrounded by five volvanoes.

The two rivers are ELO and PROGO.

The ELO has more debit that is very good for Rarting. Start point is around 5 KM from the Borobudur temple and end just nearby the Mendut temple. Normal rafting takes 2 to 3 hours. When you are very strong, you may take 1,5 hour only. But after, you will get rest one week ?!?!?!. So take this tour, book and join our team. Speak speak Java lah with our people !! Dont worry for you if not able to swim. No need lah. You just stay on boat. Listen to our instructor and do what he ask to you. If you have to swim, but cant swim, no problem, you will swim in the river and appear in the news paper next day … no no lah. Just joke!Like my good friend, lady Wulan Yekti, she cant swim but want to join rafting. Hah .. ok lah. Try and finally reach finishe line too. She said, the dream come true!. Pricing can be arranged upon request. Normaly per person but we can also provide per boat for maximum 5 person. 1 seat is left for our staff.

  •   I did a day tour with Mr. Supir and visited Borobudur Temple, Merapi and Prambharan Temple. I got late in the morning but he patiently waited. He is an excellent driver and took good care of me. I recommend him during your visit to Yogyakarta!

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      Got in touch with Mr Agus who helped us to plan our itinerary. Hired 2 different drivers over 2 days. Both Tugi and Tomo were excellent at giving advice and recommendations to our itinerary. They were both extremely helpful, diligent and honest. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Eugene W
  •   Our driver for adventurous 3 days in jogjakarta..founded pak agus contact and mas supri was appointed to us, he's very friendly and comfortable to talk with..Thank you once again...๐Ÿ˜

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      We have been in Java for 4 days. In yogyakarta, our driver Agus help us for everything. We are so glad to meet him.

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