Borobudur Temple A magical place best enjoyed at dawn

Borobudur Temple: A magical place best enjoyed at dawn

Borobudur Temple A magical place best enjoyed at dawn – I am Indonesian and I have been here several times when I was a kid and what I remembered the most of my past experiences was it was very hot.
So this month when I went to Yogyakarta, i thought I’d give it a go to do the sunrise in Borobudur and it was amazing. It is more serene and peaceful and I get to appreciate more of this extraordinary creation.

This temple is a must for its architecture, art, religion, history and scenery.

That day it was cloudy, as predicted, so the sunrise did not show up until it was quite high next to Mount Merapi, but I loved it even more.
The lazy mist just refused to leave the trees in the lower ground and it was grey and white and felt so magical to me.

The sunrise ticket is more expensive though. I forgot how much is it the normal entrance ticket, but for the sunrise, which you have to get from a hotel next to the temple, Plataran, for foreigners and you get to borrow a torch, coffee or tea and two snacks (banana and one more local sweet cake) and a gift which is a little batik scarf.

My final point is, please wear something decent because it is a temple and people of different beliefs go there to pay respect.

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