Ramayana Ballet Beautifull!

Ramayana Ballet Beautifull

We went to the Ramayana ballet at Purowisata. We only did the show (no dinner). Children are half price

Ramayana Ballet Beautifull!

The show was very good but you have to know what the story is about! We knew before and at the entrance there are also (free) summeries of the story available. We know what happened during the ballet but there were a lot of people (in tours) who didn’t know the story and they were bored…

If you know the story its impressive to see how they tell this story by dancing.

The Ramayana (Indonesian: Sendratari Ramayana) is a visualization and representation of the epic Ramayana saga, originally written by Valmiki

Every Night Ramayana  performed at Purawisata Amphi-Theater Yogyakarta

Your visit to Yogyakarta will be a complete and perfect one after watching the Ramayana Performance at Purawisata Yogyakarta.

Why Ramayana Ballet Purawisata is special ?
The Ramayana ballet tells the story of a legendary epic, presented in a series of graceful dance movements accompanied by gamelan music – an orchestra of traditional Javanese instruments. For those who enjoy cultural displays this is a splendid performance that is not to be missed. The ballet brings together different aspects of traditional Javanese culture with dance, drama, music and costume all on display and Performers do not speak during the dance. The only storyteller comes from the sinden, a female singer who describes the story through Javanese song. The story of Ramayana tells the heroic tale of Prince Rama and his loyal wife Sita. It is an epic story, a metaphor about the triumph of good over evil. The Ramayana has two endings, and these are played alternately on different occasions.

Selling points
Excellent Performance
Traditional dance in original language
A Nice to See Performance
Great opportunity to see the Ramayana story retold
One of the best performances of a traditional Hindu epic

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    Banyak tips dan story di kongsi sama.
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      Bersama Pak Tugi!! Best boleh berkomunikasi dengan baik. Sedia melayani kehendak perut kami. Menepati masa dan banyak memberi pesanan2 khas..sangat baik dan peramah.

    avatar thumb Meander815943
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    avatar thumb Passport829711

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