Tips before you go Borobudur Temple

Tips before you go Borobudur Temple

Tips before you go Borobudur Temple

Tips before you go Borobudur Temple – I think everyone will agree to say that Borobudur is the place to visit if you are in Yogyakarta. I would actually say that it is the place to visit if you are in Indonesia.
How many of you know that this is the largest Buddihist temple in the world? And it is considered the second main attraction for tourist in Indonesia, just after Bali.
Since there are already a lot of information about this venue I will write something it may be useful for the first timer of this temple:

WHEN TO GO Borobudur Temple :

The best period is definetelly during the dry season, which is from end April to late September. Although it will more crowded with tourists and harder to take pictures as you ususally see in google

I also prefer to take the sunset entrace package instead of the daily entrace. Reasons? 1 have less tourists, 2 the light for pictures is more suitable. Note that in Indonesia the sunset is at 6 pm, so not too late…

HOW TO GO  Borobudur Temple :

My raccomandation is to hide a driver. The hotel may recommand a driver for Rp 600.000 Which also stopped to a silver factory along the way to check few local artifacts.

Definetelly you need to have confortable shoes. Not much to walk but the steps to the top are a bit steep. Nothing impossible, my 3 years old baby did it by himself. You want to have a cap during sunny days and water with you.

At the entrance/exit you will find some people trying to sell you stone statuettes. The bargaining will start from Rp 200.000. The art of dealing with it I leave it up to you.
It’s important to know that the correct price is no more than Rp 30.000 per piece.

As you can see from many picture the price is Rp 400.000 for foreigners Rp 270.000 for local and kitas holders and 250.000 if you have a room in hotel.
Now, what is this hotel room story?
I was surpriced when I fist arrived to the carpark of the temple. I almost scolded my driver. The entrance of the temple is through an hotel. Therefore if you have a room in this hotel the Sunset fee will be only Rp 250.000.

I dunno how much you spend for your room in Yogyakarta, however I would consider to sleep in this hotel knowing that the regular rate is Rp. 1.100.000 included of free entrance at the temple (day time from 6.00 am to 5.00 pm) worth Rp 270.000 to foreigners.

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