Really Amaze by the Borobudur Temple

Really Amaze by the Borobudur Temple

Really Amaze by the Borobudur Temple

Really Amaze by the Borobudur Temple and Borobudur Sunrise – This is our long waiting trip to the world heritage site – Borobudur Monument. As we stayed at Hotel Manohara Borobudur, we visited the monument twice. Hotel guest has different entrance from public visitors. First visit was during the evening. The sunset look warm and beautiful. The view to Gunung Merapi from Borobudur monuments is very clear. The tour guide explained to us the interlocking system used to build the monuments, the drainage system and the story of the sculpture and reliefs on the wall. I like the story of Prince Siddhartha and the birth of Buddha. The tour guide explained on the encasement base (southeast east corner) of the Borobudur temple was dissembled to reveal the hidden foot and it is visible for visitors.

We visited the monuments again on the next day morning at 6 a.m. The weather is cooling and the sun already shine up half way in the sky. Nevertheless, there are not many visitors and we able to take lot of nice sunrise photos. We are still able the see the moon on the sky too. Such an amazing picture. Morning view is not so clear due to foggy weather but you will enjoy different feel as compare to evening.

I was really amaze by the Borobudur Temple and hopefully will visit it again in near future

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