Kaliurang Resort A Mountain Retreat

Kaliurang Yogyakarta

Kaliurang Yogyakarta

Kaliurang Resort A Mountain Retreat – Taking a fresh breath and escape from the stressing city crowd as well pamper self with relaxation with fresh air and relaxing atmosphere in Kaliurang highland resort. This resort is one of great destination for travelling chain in Yogyakarta. Consider Kaliurang as the place to stay during in Yogyakarta and you can always return to the peacefulness after tiring day of exploring other destinations. As a great escape from stressing time, Kaliurang is favorite destination for visitors around Yogyakarta even for Yogyakarta local people itself.

Location of Kaliurang Resort

Kaliurang highland resort lies on the Mount Merapi’s southern slope about 900 above the sea surface. It is about 24 kilometers from city of Yogyakarta and very easy to reach with motorcycle or car. Public transportation such as vans or busses runs widely to this area. The easy to reach location and much transportation means make this travel destination is widely visited especially during holiday.

Kaliurang is a highland in southern slopes of Mount Merapi with natural beautiful views as well fresh air which creates peaceful atmosphere. This resort is a perfect escape from the stressing city chaos and way to pamper the mind as well become refreshment place. For local people and domestic tourist, Kaliurang is one of option where they can stay during in Yogyakarta. Kaliurang offers green scenery, forest and hiking tracks with fresh air and stunning atmosphere. For swimming, Telaga Muncar waterfall is great spot as well with its panoramic beauty of Indian Ocean in the horizon.

Kaliurang Jogja

Kaliurang Jogja

Kaliurang Resort Visitors Information

For mount climbers especially those who want to climb Mount Merapi, Kaliurang is destination to stay at night before the climbing. Many villas, inns, and hotels are available and the visitors usually visit in holiday or weekend because they want to get relax after exhausted week. For hiking lovers, this is also their destination.

Tourism Facilities around Kaliurang Resort

Kaliurang has been developed as the travel destination therefore it will not be not hard to find accommodation and transportation means in this resort. Home stays, inns, villas are ranged in various price and class from standard to deluxe. To reach this location, busses, vans, and car rentals not to mention taxi are wide in arrays.

Travelling Fee to Kaliurang Resort

Generally all spots can be enjoyed in Kaliurang will have entrance tickets which tag in very affordable cost. Public transports are in standard tariffs. The differences are the hotels, inns or villas tariffs which can be not similar each other depend upon the class and facilities offered.

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