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Borobudur Temple There can be only ONE

Borobudur Temple There can be only ONE – It’s a fact that there will never be another Borobudor, and it’s truly spectacular. It’s very well-kept. With passing of time, and the fact that it was bombed by extremists more than a decade ago, Borobudor is still standing. Metaphorically, this is a testament to the values of people here in Indonesia particularly in Java. Javanese here are tolerant and accepting. It’s common here to see mosques that are built with Hindu architectural cues, and you would get to see Chinese Temple being placed next to a mosque. It’s simply a way-of-life here. Back to Borobudor, as you walked around the Buddha statues, you would also get to see murals of the origin of Buddha, and also about the story of Java itself.

Some of the statues at the Temple happened to be Chinese traders that came to this shore centuries ago! It’s been said that Borobudor is discovered by Sir Stamford Raffles, but local people would say to you logically that local villagers have known the Temple all along, and it so happened that when Stamford Raffles was the Governor of Java that he wrote a story about it. The reality of the matter is that he never actually visited the site but his assistant. Standing on the pinnacle of Borobudor, I tried to imagine the Kingdoms that had come and gone. Java is such a melting pot of cultures and it’s an assuring thing talking to the locals, of their proclaimation of affection for it despite that it’s a non-Muslim relic (unlike the Buddha statue that’s been bombed into pieces at Bamiyan).

BorobudurTemple is to give you a condense historical lesson of Java

To visit Borobudur is to give you a condense historical lesson of Java itself. A must-do in anyone’s bucket list. Another profound thing that I have learnt from the local people is that whilst many yoga pant ladies are posing themselves meditating onsite to symbolise peace, peace according to them could be found anywhere. One aspect that might ruin your visit there would be persistent hounding of souvenir sellers that wouldn’t let you be. That being said, my ever practical guide told me that everyone’s doing their best to make a living. It happened to be the choice of souvenir sellers to do what they do, and he urged me to have more compassion (so true). Last but not least, in response to one of the reviews written here about them being stalked by Indonesian students, it’s a novelty for them to have their pictures taken with overseas visitors. Indonesians are immensely proud of their motherland, and they are appreciative when we visit Indonesia. This is their way of proclaiming their gratitude by sharing humanity with a smile, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Come here early, but during rainy reason, refrain from doing the sun rise tour because you might not get to see the sun at all. Later in the morning, school groups start coming in droves and you might need to fend off premium viewing sites from the selfies crowd!!

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      Terima kasih banyak2 Pak Tugi bawa kami jalan-jalan pusing Yogjakarta. Servis terbaik termasuklah bawa ke tempat makan yang sedap2, peramah, menepati masa, dan bawa ke tempat2 menarik yg tiada dalam itenari kami. #paktugiterbaik

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  •   Pak Budi is very caring to my friends and I.He is very punctual and came to pick up us 30 minutes early.He always make sure his customer satisfied with the service.Terima kasih Pak Budi.Semoga dimurahkan rejeki.

    thumb pajana

      kunjungan saya ke yogjakarta bersama driver mas budi adalah yang terbaik dan best sekali.. maybe next time boleh berkunjung lg bersama dgn java heritage tour..

    thumb AdamZ1688

      Highly recommended if u want leisure and enjoyable trip. A lot of thanks to Pak Budi who kindly attended us. With his guide and help we managed to have a mesmerizing trip to Jogja ๐Ÿ’ƒ Pak Budi is superb ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

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      Bersama Pak Tugi!! Best boleh berkomunikasi dengan baik. Sedia melayani kehendak perut kami. Menepati masa dan banyak memberi pesanan2 khas..sangat baik dan peramah.

    thumb Meander815943

      Percutian yg menyeronokkan. Tempatยฒ yang menarik. Pemandu yg baik, peramah, penyabar. Tq mas Adi dan pak Agus. Semoga ketemu lg di lain waktu.

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      We booked a 4 day tour including a dash in n out to Solo. Java Tour esp Mas Ijun was awesome n patiently accommodated to our tour plans. He also recommended Good local food! Your Jogja will be stress free with them on board.

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      Without a doubt one of my memorable experience while exploring Yogyakarta. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcome by guide - Mas Adi. What a great start to kick-off our holiday, fantastic atmosphere. Guide is extremely good, flexible, tolerate, great personality (and can be your photographer...More

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      - one word to describe our whole jogja trip is "SUPERB" - excellent service by Pak Agus and our driver@tourist guide, adi saputra - comfortable homestay - a great package with affordable price - prayer time given (good for muslim traveller, the mosque/musolla is everywhere)...More

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